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Making soap balls from a soap base

Soap balls can be made from laundry soap flakes (available from the laundry aisle of most supermarkets), or from a natural soap base.

natural soap balls rolled in spices and seeds
Soap balls rolled in spices and seeds

Natural soap bases are unfragranced, naturally glycerin-rich, and therefore gentler on the skin. This is why they make the best soap for those who have dry, sensitive, young and tender skin.
Because of its high glycerine contents, handmade soap is suppler and more pliable than soap flakes. This makes dry ingredients (such as ground spices, small seeds, crushed oatmeal or dried herbs) easier to knead into the soap to add texture and impart a gently exfoliating effect.
Small amounts of plant essential oils and vegetable oils may also be added to enhance the skin beneficial effects of these soap balls.

Learn how to make soap balls with my easy tutorials:

  1. Making soap balls from industrial soap flakes
  2. Making soap balls from a natural, handmade soap base

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DWCP: Discounted Water Cold Process
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Patrizia Garzena, Marina Tadiello: Cura naturale della casa - Manuale pratico di economia ecologica ed ecologia domestica. Il libro che insegna a pulire e tenere in ordine la casa risparmiando tempo, denaro e risorse

In italiano:
Vivere naturalmente:
sapone naturale, sostenibilitÓ, ecologia domestica, cure naturali per la pelle...

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