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AquaSapone soap supplies Australia, Australian supplier of soapmaking & chemical-free skincare ingredients
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soapmaking book
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soap making ingredients
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Australian made divider molds & silicone soap moulds

Giving handmade soap the right shape (as well as the right size and weight) can be a very frustrating and time consuming process. In our experience, hand-cutting soap to the same size is a very time consuming task and, after a few hours with inconsistent results, it becomes plain annoying!

We have always found it to be much simpler, and far more efficient for larger batches, to use divider moulds (also called hashed molds). Many different types have been available in the US for several years, but none of them was exactly what we wanted or was available in Australia. That's why, in early 2000, we decided to spend some time designing a new soap mold to suit our needs, and had it custom built for us. Made from the best materials and guaranteed to last, our specially designed soap molds with dividers are easy to use, reliable and extremely efficient.... and are offered to other soapers at a very competitive price by the Australian specialised mould manufacturer Hawthorn Bay.

Also from Hawthorn Bay you will be able to purchase top-quality multi-cavity, tube and slab silicone soap moulds, in dozens of shapes and sizes. Hawthorn Bay is the only Australian specialised manufacturer of soapmaking molds that has enough technical expertise with plastic materials and understanding of the soap making process, to help you find or design the right mould for you.

Our suggestions for soapmaking molds:

Our professional soap molds are no longer available in the US and Canada

Aussie made multi-cavity tray moulds

For those who prefer unusual shapes and are not hard pressed by large production volumes, a range of soap moulds, designed and made in Australia, is available from Hawthorn Bay. Custom shaped moulds are also available there.

natural handmade soap

Specialty soap supplies:
Handmade soap base
Castile soap base
Avocado & olive oil soap base
Natural soap base
Skin care bases

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