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soapmaking book
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soap making ingredients
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Natural glycerine soap base for handcrafted soap makers

Our natural soap bases have been specifically designed for those who aim at making their own hand milled, rebatched soaps. Sustainable and readily bio-degradable, surfactant-free, skin-friendly, handmade from Australian grown vegetable oils and just as natural as possible, these are the best bases for those who want a mild, gentle soap, suitable for the most sensitive skins. Only wholesome top quality ingredients are used, to give you the best raw materials for your handcrafted creations, blended, moulded and presented just the way you like!

Please note these handmade soap bases are not to be confused with industrially made "glycerin blocks" or "melt & pour" (soap) bases. Commonly available clear, M&P glycerine blocks are made from synthetic or synthetised fatty acids, with the addition of alcohols, sugars, SLS or other chemical additives, and only a small amount of glycerine (usually of animal origin). They are neither "pure glycerin" nor natural products.
We specialise in handmade, synthetics-free, 100% vegetable, naturally glycerine rich soap bases. For top quality Melt & Pour bases (also called glycerin blocks or glycerine base), please refer to our Melt & Pour base description.

Avocado castile soap base | Olive, tallow & coconut soap base
Pure castile soap paste for liquid soap

Avocado castile soap base

100% vegetable, made from cold-pressed Australian olive and avocado oil with a small percentage of coconut oil for extra lather and mildness. To ensure easy remilling, our unscented castile soap base is made on order, and is available in 1kg blocks, 5kg or 10kg slabs.
Suitable for: soap balls, rebatched (remilled) soap, laundry gel, shower gel, dishwashing liquid.

Price (Australian dollars): $25.00/1 kg - $99.00/5 kg - $170.00/10 kg   

Olive, tallow & coconut soap base

For those who don't mind animal products, this base offers an environmentally friendly alternative to palm-based soap. To ensure easy remilling, our unscented soap bases are made on order, and are available in 1kg blocks or 8kg slabs (cut into 4 pieces).
Suitable for: soap balls, rebatched (remilled) soap, laundry gel, shower gel, dishwashing liquid.
Detailed instructions for rebatching and sample recipes are included with each order.

Price (Australian dollars): temporarily unavailable   

Pure castile soap paste

This is a natural castile liquid soap & shampoo base, made from olive and castor oil only. Unlike liquid soap/shampoo bases available from craft suppliers, our Castile Soap Paste is handmade, totally natural, 100% vegetable, SLS-free and mineral oil free.
Each kilo of our Pure Castile soap paste gives 2.5 to 4 litres of liquid soap or shampoo, depending on concentration.
Detailed instructions for diluting our paste are supplied with each order.

Price (Australian dollars): $25.00/1 kg - $99.00/5 kg - $170.00/10 kg   

Castile soap base | Olive, tallow & coconut soap base
Pure castile soap paste for liquid soap

Bath fizzies, bath salts bases | Bath, body & massage oil bases
Natural cream & lotion bases | M & P base | Soap and skin care kits

natural handmade soap

Specialty soap supplies:
Handmade soap base
Castile soap base
Avocado & olive oil soap base
Natural soap base
Skin care bases

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