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AquaSapone soap supplies Australia, Australian supplier of soapmaking & chemical-free skincare ingredients
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soap making ingredients
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Vegetable oils and butters for soapmaking
and cosmetic applications

The book Soap Naturally - Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural handmade soap supplies detailed information on base (fixed) oils for soapmaking, as well as suggestions on where to purchase all soap making ingredients.

Apricot kernel oil, cold pressed

Light and easily absorbed by the skin, apricot kernel oil is rich in minerals and vitamins and has healing qualities for dry, inflamed, sensitive skins.

Avocado oil - organic, cold pressed

Our 100% Australian Avocado oil is fully certified organic and sells mostly in Europe for cosmetics and aromatherapy uses. Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and, if kept in suitable conditions/location, has a very long shelf life.

organic avocado oil australian australia cold pressed unrefinedData sheet

Castor oil, pharmaceutical grade

Castor oil is used in cosmetic applications for its ability to "draw" impurities and clear the skin. In soapmaking, it's highly appreciated for the rich, fluffy, luxurious lather it imparts to handmade soaps.

Cocoa butter chunks

Our cocoa butter is unrefined and deodorised, and maintains a light, pleasant chocolate smell. Supplied in easy to handle "blocklets" weighing 10 to 20g each.

Cocoa butter australia unrefinedData sheet

Golden Jojoba - cold pressed, unrefined

Australian golden jojoba, produced by Australian growers. Cold pressed and filtered with no additives. A golden yellow colour. Technically not an oil, but a wax and similar to the skin's own sebum, it has superior moisturising properties. Jojoba is a very stable oil, with very long shelf life.

jojoba oil australian australia cold pressed unrefinedData sheet

Macadamia oil - cold pressed

We stock the best quality pure Macadamia oil, unrefined, Kosher/Halal/Pareve certified. With a very long shelf life, this macadamia oil is wonderful for cooking and soaping, and for any cosmetic/aromatherapy preparations.

 oil australian australia cold pressed unrefinedData sheet

Mango butter, cosmetic grade

Extracted from the mango kernels, mango butter is rich and nourishing. Best used in skin butters and balms for "critical" skin areas.

Olive oil, pure

Olive oil is our favourite soapmaking oil. We stock pure olive oil from Italy, in 5lt tins. Repacked sizes are available on request.

Rice bran oil, cold pressed

Naturally rich in antioxidants, rice bran oil is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive, mature skins and for natural hair care applications.

Shea nut butter, unrefined

Organically grown and imported directly from a women's co-op in Ghana, this Fair Trade shea butter is probably the best and most natural in the world.

Fair Trade shea butter australia cold pressed unrefinedData sheet

Sweet almond oil, cold pressed

A wonderful multi purpose oil, cold pressed to retain all its "live" properties.

Virgin coconut oil, cold pressed

Organically grown, from Fair Trade markets in the South Pacific. A wonderful oil with an "eat me" scent, which greatly enhances the appeal of lip balms, creams, lotions, hair conditioners and body butters.

Virgin coconut oil australia cold pressed unrefinedData sheet

natural handmade soap

Specialty soap supplies:
Handmade soap base
Castile soap base
Avocado & olive oil soap base
Natural soap base
Skin care bases

Soapmaking know-how:
Learn how to make soap
Order our soap making book
Meet other soapmakers
Natural soap & shampoo recipes
Eco-friendly household cleaners
Teach yourself soapmaking methods
DWCP: Discounted Water Cold Process
Australian essential oils information

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